Sarahs-Websites Disclaimer

Sarah has Planned and developed all the Sites that are part of Sarah's Websites. While every effort has been taken to maintain and reduce problems on all websites, Sarah has learnt over time that problems can arise. That is why multible backups are made of all websites and all websites are monitored from one central location. Should problems arise they can easily be fixed.

Since there are no age restrictions on users of the Websites, a strict rating G has been set for all Sarahs-Websites. Anyone leaving Adult Website links will be banned and there is software in place to capture such links. (yes you know the kind we are talking about) It is apreciated that you respect the overall community.

Sarahs-Websites are income sites or backup the income sites. They contain links to our Income Products or Affiliate Products. There are also Referance Products that you can signup to get access to. There is no obligation to buy anything to be able to use the Websites. It would be apriciated that you consider using the sites to buy when you are ready though.

There are many Reports, Bonuses and Products availiable through the Websites and those Products are dilivered via email with the links to the relevant pages or memberships. The main reason for this is the content is stored on our big storage server to reduce the load on the websites. There may be various links from different sites to the same content and it makes for easier to update the products from one central location.

The mailing system is designed and run from our own Mailing Group. There is a tracking system that monitors all signups and sales.  This means you are not getting the same email from every single group or list you join, making it a more plesent experience for you and saving Sarahs-Websites extra costs. 

Sarah is one person, so You will find many things in one place, like the mailing group, website support and the websites Social group RealyCool. This is to make her job easier to service all her Customers, Affiliates, Vendors and Visitors. 

Individual information for each Website can be found by clicking the ABOUT US page...